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MindSport is a Mental Strength training subscription service for MMA athletes looking to enhance their competitive and training performances. All the content is split into programs and delivered through video exercises. Think of it like Netflix box sets but for Mental Strength for MMA athletes.

We also provide personal consulting services. Check out our testimonials and programs below.

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A mental image that is similar to a visual perception. By recreating images, sounds, environments, feelings or techniques you are strengthening the paths for that function in your brain. Try our guide to Effective Visualisation followed by some specific Fight Day visualisation exercises to help hone your technique

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The capacity or ability to lead, guide or direct. Use our CCC Leadership Programme to associate with different forms of leadership and hone your own leadership qualities

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A state or condition marked by a very unpleasant or disturbing feeling of dread or apprehension caused by the presence or imminence of danger. If ignored or suppressed, fear can have catastrophic impacts upon performance. However we recognize that fear can be an ally and a great strength when it is used in the right way. Follow our programmes specifically designed to help you take control of your fears in order to help get the absolute best possible performance

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A state of apprehension, uncertainty, and fear resulting from the anticipation of a realistic or fantasized threatening event or situation, often impairing physical and psychological functioning. Performance anxiety affects every single athlete no matter what level they are at and the key is learning a method to suit your own needs dependent on the circumstances. We have developed a number of exceptional programmes designed to help put anxiety in its place

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Belief in the effectiveness of one's own abilities. Self-belief is one of the most powerful weapons any athlete can wield. Why not experiment with one of our many programmes designed to help develop self confidence in a number of different and exciting ways

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Attention & Concentration

The act of close or careful observing or listening. The ability or power to keep the mind on something. The ability to concentrate is like any other skill and needs practice to develop. Try our concentration and attention programmes and develop your own skills

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A compelling or constraining influence, such as persuasion or negative attitudes, on the mind or will acting as a potential source of physical, mental or social distress or hardship. Pressure to succeed, pressure to perform, pressure not to fail, pressure not to let others or yourself down, these are all extremely common in any level of sport, so why not do something about it today by following our excellent programmes with material specifically designed to help you rise up above pressure and flourish

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The state of being motivated; having a desire or willingness to act. Being motivated is one thing, staying motivated is another. Why not look even deeper into why you are driven to do the things you do and explore our brilliant motivation programmes

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Arousal Regulation

The act of regulating ones emotions and subsequent behavioral control. Maintaining control of your emotions in order to be able to perform at your absolute best is key in all levels of sport. Use our world class arousal regulation programmes to hone your skills

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Decision Making

The ability to efficiently weigh up options and quickly decide on the best course of action dependent on the variables and situational context. A quick and correct decision leading to a decisive action is often the difference between success and failure, therefore it makes perfect sense to work on improving decision making skills. Try our world class programmes to develop your skills

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Goal Setting

Involves the development of an action plan designed to motivate and guide a person or group toward a goal. Effective goal setting is often the starting point and platform for each and every success an athlete will achieve. Try our exceptional programmes and begin excelling today

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The emotional state of low tension, a return to equilibrium. Sometimes it is absolutely vital to just switch off, unwind and take your cognitive, psychological, emotional and physiological arousal down to an absolute minimum. Use our relaxation exercises to help regain your equilibrium

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In sports training or competition, choking is a negative experience that can have psychologically damaging effects. Choking is generally characterised as a dramatic drop in performance where an outcome is important. Invest some time in following our programmes designed to combat choking.

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Over Thinking

Overthinking can sometimes feel beneficial as we wouldn’t want to settle for second best or miss an opportunity to get something better, however for most, overthinking can cause more harm than good. Invest time in running through our range of programmes designed to help you to evaluate the thought you are worrying about to decide whether overthinking is useful or counter productive.

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